Pre-Hospital emergency services in Europe: a market analysis about competition and investments

Zdravotnická_záchranná_služba_Jihočeského_kraj_Volkswagen_Crafter_StrobelAt the IAA annual conference held in London in May, mr. Kenneth Kronohage (Director of Special Projects for Falck) unveiled a report produced by Quartz+Co and commissioned by Falck Emergency Europe which disputed the EXPH findings (investments in health – The UE Expert Panel conclusions on Emergency Live).

The Quartz+co report analyze all the European Emergency Medical Services for pre-hospital activities and transports. The aim of the report is to investigate – particularly – the nature, structure and development of the “pre-hospital emergency services” market. The analysis start from the sentences of the expert’s commission. In February they say that: “pre-hospital emergency services are unlikely to meet the preconditions for effective competition”. We publish the PDF of the report and the article written by Kenneth Kronohage for Ambulance Today.

On February 17, the European Commission’s Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health (EXPH) approved their preliminary opinion on policy options regarding competition for public hearing. In this opinion, it was indicated that the preconditions for effective competition in “pre-hospital emergency services” were not fulfilled, and therefore there is no propensity to develop effective competition in the “pre-hospital emergency services” market

The purpose of this report is to analyse the market for “pre-hospital emergency services” in the European Union and provide an assessment as to
– the nature, structure and development of the “pre-hospital emergency services” market and to which extent competition exists in the European national markets today
– which extent the preconditions for competition (as described by EXPH) are fulfilled for these markets

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