"Rome 2023 - European Firefighters Experience": the event will be on 14-25 April 2023

The National Fire Brigade has planned the “Rome 2023 – European Fire Brigades in Rome” event for the month of April, an opportunity for discussion and enhancement of the fire-fighting operational culture between the Italian Fire Brigades and the their colleagues from other European capitals

Rome 2023, the European event for firefighters

The event, organized by the Rome command, will take place in the capital from 14 to 25 April 2023 and aims to be a moment of sharing knowledge, skills and common interests, useful for pursuing the improvement of the operational response.

Seminars and conferences will be held on the organization of rescue in the operational response and on the equipment and technological tools used by firefighters, on training and maintenance activities, on the safety of the rescue operator, on fire prevention, and the protection of individual health and other issues.

Among the other scheduled activities are drills and training, which can also be attended by the firefighters of the various delegations present together with the Italian ones, promotional and information activities in the schools of Rome to spread the culture of safety and the spirit of international cooperation between young sports competitions and mini-tournaments between the participating fire brigade delegations.

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