What is the complete blood count (CBC test)?

The CBC (Hemochromocytometric Examination) is one of the most common tests because it allows a great deal of data to be obtained from the different components of the test

The CBC can include:

  • Hematocrit: percentage in the total blood of the corpuscular part, composed mainly of red blood cells.
  • Hemoglobin: protein found in red blood cells, deputed to transport oxygen.
  • Red blood cells
  • Average corpuscular volume of red blood cells.
  • Mean hemoglobin content of red blood cells (MCH).
  • Mean hemoglobin concentration of red blood cells (MCHC).
  • Red blood cell volume distribution (RDW).
  • White blood cells (or leukocytes): leukocyte formula measure the number and percentage of neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils.
  • Platelets

Why measure the CBC?

In a single blood draw, the test provides many important parameters starting with the amount of cells in the blood.

Are there any rules for preparation?

The blood draw is usually performed in the morning. The doctor will suggest whether it is necessary to be fasting.

Is it dangerous or painful?

The test is neither dangerous nor painful.

The patient may feel the pinch of the needle entering the arm.

CBC, how is the test performed?

The test is performed by a simple blood draw.

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