Focaccia Group at REAS 2022: the new sanitization system for the ambulances

Focaccia Group finally enters the emergency world with FG MICRO H2O2, the new sanitizing system for ambulances

Able to disinfect an ambulance in one minute with hydrogen peroxide, one of the most common and safe materials in absolute, FG MICRO H2O2 is particularly effective for rescue vehicles.

And it will be the protagonist of Stand C30-E29 | C24-E23 Hall 5 of Focaccia Group at REAS 2022. 

FG MICRO H2O2, a revolutionary system thanks to hydrogen peroxide.

A material, the latter, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and therefore suitable for all types of environments, both external and internal.

Riccardo Focaccia, CEO of the company Focaccia Group, tells us:

“We are looking more and more closely at the emergency sector and we are entering the ambulance sector.

FG MICRO H2O2 is a project developed for environmental disinfection, born for the cars of Carabinieri and State Police, but which has proved effective and useful even within ambulances.

The next month will be placed on the market an After Market system that can be installed on existing ambulances and that guarantees, with laboratory certificate, the total disinfection of the means of health.

The main advantages are two: the first is that we work with hydrogen peroxide, which is a safe element, the second is that the disinfection time of the ambulance is really about a minute”

The product arrives at REAS in its version prepared for ambulances and rescue vehicles, already described in an article published a few weeks ago on Emergency Live (see link at the end of the article).

Safe and easy to use, FG MICRO H2O2 makes the ambulance available a few minutes after its use

Moreover, thanks to the data processing software, it always releases a reportistica easily downloadable and updated.

We also recall that the FG MICRO H2O2 system is already certified UNI EN ISO 17272: the reference standard that certifies the disinfection of an automatic post-treatment environment.

Further information about the product are highlighted by Jari Uguccioni, Focaccia group representative:

“Very compact, FG MICRO consists of two units.

The dispenser contains a 200 ml tank in which hydrogen peroxide is inserted.

With this capacity it is possible to carry out up to 20 disinfections.

The control unit, on the other hand, is integrated into the cockpit.

So it can be activated very easily by the operator.”

The space and drive problems of the system are also solved brilliantly.

To know all the positive aspects of the use of FG MICRO H2O2, during the three days of the fair, you can participate in two workshops dedicated to innovation in the sanitization processes for ambulances

The events are in Montichiari Friday, October 7, 10.30, Sala Scalvini, I floor Central Entrance and Saturday, October 8, 14.30, Room 3, II floor, Central Entrance.

Here you will discover in every detail the atomizer and have a pleasant surprise on its launch price and on the installation network.

These actions are proof of the fact that the company, faithful to its history, loves to face the challenges with the spirit of the change always like guideline.

Obviously the Focaccia Group team will be at your disposal during the fair to let you discover this new product, its price and its installation method.

Appointment at Hall 5 Stand C30-E29 | C24-E23

To participate in the workshops or have more information about the Montichiari fair, you can call the Organization Secretariat of Focaccia Group at 349 654 0816 or write to

Focaccia at REAS 2022

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