Child saves grandfather thanks to the Heimlich manoeuvre learned in an Italian Red Cross project

Italy / a child practices the Heimlich manoeuvre on his grandfather: in an extraordinary display of courage and quick wit, a child managed to save his grandfather from a severe respiratory crisis

Sideways choking, the child’s Heimlich manoeuvre on the old man

The grandfather was choking from a mouthful gone awry, unable to breathe and unable to cough.

The grandson, recalling the important lesson learned during the “8-13 Project” organised by the Italian Red Cross – Poggio – Sermide Committee, suggested to the parents present to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on the elderly man.

Following their son’s instructions, a parent and one of those present at the table acted promptly by performing abdominal compressions while waiting for the arrival of help, which had been promptly alerted.

The Italian Red Cross, through the ‘8-13 Project’, promotes educational experiences aimed at young people between the ages of 8 and 13, offering them the opportunity to get to know the Association, discover its many areas of intervention in the area, and learn the humanitarian values that guide its action.

During the ‘8-13 Project’, children explore a wide range of topics in an interactive and playful way, including the principles and values of the Red Cross, peace education, social inclusion, promoting healthy living, first aid, environmental awareness, climate change and the procedures to follow in the event of emergencies or natural disasters.

The story of the child who saved his grandfather with the Heimlich manoeuvre demonstrates the importance of these educational experiences

Thanks to the knowledge acquired through “Project 8-13”, the child was able to react in a timely and correct manner, suggesting the correct first aid manoeuvre to his parents.

The Italian Red Cross would like to congratulate the young hero for his extraordinary courage and readiness to face an emergency situation.

His gesture demonstrated how important it is to promote first aid education and provide even the youngest people with practical tools to save lives in critical situations.

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