Ukraine emergency, the extraordinary story of little Makhar: the Red Cross story

Little Makhar is now in Italy with his mother, and thanks to the Red Cross he has a chance of a better future

From Vorzel, near Bucha, to Lviv and then to Italy, thanks to the Italian Red Cross.

This is the journey of Makhar, a 20-month-old child in need of tests and a delicate operation for a cleft lip and palate, currently impossible in Ukraine

The little boy was evacuated by the CRI during the last mission and is now the guest of volunteer and paediatrician Carolina Casini, a member of the team that brought him to Italy, given the impossibility of finding other housing solutions for the two.

Dad Serhij is a soldier in the Ukrainian army and is happy, despite the separation, that his family is safe in Europe and that his child has the chance to improve his life.

Mother Alona is moved and emotional and now, together with her little one, thanks to the CRI she is also undergoing psychological support, given the drama she has lived through and the fact that she and her family were locked in a cellar for three weeks before embarking on the journey to Lviv.

President Rocca’s reflection on little Makhar

“This story is beautiful and representative, like so many others, of the strength of Humanity, the first,” commented CRI President Francesco Rocca, “of our Principles.

Dialogue and cooperation between Sisters enable small and great miracles to be achieved.

This story will touch the hearts of many and I hope it will make people reflect on the tragic consequences that wars have on the most vulnerable”.

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