Costa Rican Red Cross will preside over the visit of Pope Francis in Panama during the World Youth Day 2019

The visit of Pope Francis to the annual World Youth Day in Panama from 22 to 27 January will see thousands of pilgrims who will reach the country. Safety and efficiency are at the top of the services to guarantee. That's why the Panamian Red Cross called the Costa Rican Red Cross to give support during these days.

PANAMA – Thousands of people are foreseen during the World Youth Day (JMJ  – Jornada Mundial de la Juventud) in Panama from 22 to 27 of January 2019. On this occasion, the Costa Rican Red Cross will assist all the pilgrims and visitors who will take part in this International event, supporting the Panamian Red Cross. In addition, the Costa Rican Red Cross will be part of the security capsules which will assist Pope Francis.

The union between these two Red Cross associations is a great advantage for the event because of their long experience in the emergency medical field to support all the thousands of people who will visit.


Costa Rican Red Cross

Jim Batres, Deputy National Director of Risk Management at the Red Cross explains: “For us, it is a source of pride that the Panamanian Red Cross has asked us for advice for several years to start preparing for this great activity. Our participation and support in an event of such a magnitude show up in the first place that we are part of an international movement and that is why we will support our sister National Society, the Panamanian Red Cross. The experience that our Institution has in the attention of massive events will be of great help. During the last two years, a delegation of the Panamanian Red Cross accompanied us during our operational actions in the Pilgrimage to Cartago to learn how to handle the attention of people and pilgrims. This work is also an example of International Cooperation that we do from the Costa Rican Red Cross”.


The representation of the Costa Rican Red Cross at the World Youth Day will be composed of 20 cross-followers, (doctors, emergency medical technicians, operational coordinators, and logistics personnel), 8 ambulance units and 2 logistics vehicles.

Also, the work of the Costa Rican Red Cross will be focused on 3 areas of action:

  • The first has to do with coverage of activities related to the Pre-Conferences in the national territory;
  • The second corresponds to the coverage of the routes of the passage of pilgrims;
  • The third is the assistance to WYD in Panama.

Additionally, all auxiliary committees of the Costa Rican Red Cross will be on alert as of January 18 before the

Panamian Red Cross


passage of thousands of pilgrims. To this end, 8 Regional Operational Coordination Centers, 7 roadside posts, 4 attention points at border crossings and an Emergency Operations Center will be implemented.

Luis Guzmán, also Deputy National Director of Risk Management of the Red Cross: “We have been preparing for many months for actions to be carried out within the country, but also for the work that our colleagues will do in Panama during the World Youth Day and the Pope‘s visit. Without a doubt, it is a great responsibility, but it is also an excellent opportunity to recognize the quality of the service offered by the Costa Rican Red Cross: its knowledge and goal to attend and be part of an event of this category. We are prepared for any situation“.