Paramedics under assaults in Australia: "Stop tolerating new aggression"

Assaults on EMS workers are constantly increasing everywhere. Europe, US and Australia are facing new problems concerning protection and safety for paramedics. This reportage from Nine News is really interesting for testimonials and footage about assaults occurred in Australia. After this reportage the Queensland Ambulance Service Commissioner, Russel Bowles, publish a pressrelease with the following statements:

Last night Nine News ran this story which was a concerning but realistic account of what our Paramedics and Emergency Services workers deal with whilst doing their jobs.  Myself and my executive wish to make it perfectly clear that as an organisation we have absolutely zero tolerance of our staff being abused, physical or verbally, and will do whatever it takes to bring perpetrators to justice.
This behaviour is socially unacceptable. People need to realise while paramedics are fighting for their own lives they cant’t be fighting for the person’s life in need. This could be one of your family members in urgent need of life saving medical attention.

Please help us to spread the message any assult on an emergency service worker simply will not be tolerated

Russel Bowles ASM
Commissioner Queensland Ambulance Service – Department of Health

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