Drones and maxi-emergencies: the MEM 2022 Civil Protection exercise "Mari e Monti"

Drones in Civil Protection: on 26 and 27 November in the Municipalities of Manfredonia and Mattinata the MEM 2022 “Mari e Monti” Civil Protection exercise took place, organized by Rescue Drones Network OdV (RDN OdV), the first structured Network in the world to support of rescue activities, with the help of Uas (Drones)

Civil Protection in Italy, the action of RDN drones

RDN OdV is a Civil Protection Association registered in the central list at the National Department cat.C1, as well as in the territorial lists of the Emilia Romagna Region.

This makes it possible to use it in medium and macro emergencies, for photogrammetry, environmental monitoring and mainly in the search for missing persons and rescue, using innovative and first-rate technologies.

A network of trained volunteers who operate according to studied and standardized intervention protocols, adequately integrated into the local, national and international rescue management systems.

The operational base designated for this Exercise was the Municipality of Manfredonia, at the LUC “Peppino Impastato”, while the territory of the Municipality of Mattinata was involved in the flight operations of the drones, specifically near Monte Saraceno, where it was simulated the disappearance of some children during a visit to the Necropolis located in the area, and their subsequent search.

The Associations involved in these activities were many and of great importance and professionalism such as the Civil Protection P.A.S.E.R. of Manfredonia, the Civil Protection U.G.R. 27 of Monte Sant’Angelo and the A.N.C. of Manfredonia.

A special thanks goes to them for their promptness, ability to intervene and great availability.


Maxi-emergencies, the importance of drones in the civil protection system

A fundamental aspect in emergencies is timeliness and organization, to give a response capable of guaranteeing the safety and security of citizens and communities.

These Exercises are aimed precisely at this, to open direct comparisons with local Authorities, Bodies and Associations, in order to coordinate the activities in a unique way, standardizing intervention procedures and protocols.

On a social level, RDN OdV has brought its FlyForSmile social project to the Apulian territory, born four years ago with the aim of bringing a smile to the little ones in difficult situations, such as patients in the pediatric oncological wards and beyond, and then expanded and also taken outside hospitals, testifying that all of them are our future and that only with knowledge, through play, can they understand how beautiful and useful our work is.

In fact, even during this exercise, the children who visited us were able to fly small toy drones and understand how they work in complete safety, thanks to the presence of our associates who guided them, subsequently obtaining the Little Pilot Certificate.

Finally, we especially thank the mayors, the municipal councils and the managers of the C.O.C. of the respective Municipalities of Manfredonia and Mattinata for making all this possible.

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Comunicato stampa RDN

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