"Aviation Psychology: areas of intervention and perspectives", first ITAPA conference on 6 May in Rome

“Aviation Psychology: areas of intervention and perspectives” is the theme of the first national conference organized by the Italian Association of Aviation Psychology (ITAPA)

“Psychology of Aviation: areas of intervention and perspectives”, the ITAPA conference in Rome

ITAPA is a partnership made up of psychologists and human factor experts that has been operating since 2019 to help guarantee the safety and promote the health of aviation operators and users (www.itapa.it).

This conference will take place on Saturday 6 May at the Casa dell’Aviatore in Rome (viale dell’Università 20, 9-17).

On this occasion, Italian and foreign professionals from the world of aeronautical psychology and users of the aviation sector interested in the study of human performance and the promotion of the health of aeronautical operators will meet, factors that are crucial for guaranteeing flight and air transport safety .

“The goal of our first conference is to promote aviation psychology and the figure of the aviation psychologist as an emerging and crucial profession in helping to ensure high safety standards, as required by Law 1042/2018″, explains Alessandra Rea , president of ITAPA, who will open the works.

“The day’s program includes the presentation of various scientific researches, Italian and international projects, professional accreditation procedures, testimonials relating to areas of application. The event is aimed at professionals and stakeholders in the sector in order to facilitate networks, collaborations and discussions on aviation psychology”.

Aviation Psychology, interventions and sponsorships

Speeches by some of the most important Italian and foreign experts are expected at the conference: Gunnar Steinhardt, president of the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP); Michaela Schwarz, aviation psychologist in Austria and outgoing EAAP president; Robert Bor, aviation psychologist in Great Britain and director of the Center for Aviation Psychology (CAP); Giancarlo Buono, director of Safety & Flight Operations Europe of the International Air Transport Association (IATA); Adela Gonzalez Marin, president of the Spanish Aviation Psychology Association (AEPA); Francisco Santolaya Ochando, president of the professional register of psychologists in Spain; Nicoletta Lombardo, vice president of ITAPA and head of the Human Factor department of ENAV; Micaela Scialanga, ITAPA general secretary, psychologist and line commander; Alessandro Gennaro, associate professor of Dynamic Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome; Lorenzo Mezzadri, president of the Italian Flight Safety Committee (IFSC) and accountable manager of the Urbe Aero flight school in Rome.

The ITAPA conference received the patronage of the National Council of Psychologists, EAAP, AEPA, DGLP, ULAPA, EMDR, Psychologists for Peoples, IFSC, 8 October Committee, Safe Flying Project, Italian Air Force-Aviators Association, Study Center STASA, AOPA Italy. Participation is free, subject to online registration at www.itapaconvention.com. For further information, contact the Organizing Secretariat, itapa.segreteria@mediarke.it.

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