Digitalisation and healthcare transport: discover Galileo Ambulanze at the Italsi booth in Emergency Expo

Emergency Expo is proud to host the Ambulance Information Management software “Galileo Ambulanze”, designed and developed by Italsi

Galileo Ambulanze, the integrated system for the management and automation of health transport by Italsi

Computerisation in medical rescue is not a dream to aspire to, but a reality and a necessity that our 118 system has been fulfilling for some time.

And to save lives, as well as to make rescuers’ operations more efficient, it is necessary to rely on the best.

Italsi is a software house that has been designing and developing these systems for over 20 years, and their experience is now at the service of rescuers, whether they are in an ambulance, in a paramedic or in the 118 operations centre.

Galileo Ambulanze, in this sense, is an essential tool not only in the communication between the protagonists of the medical intervention, but also in the transmission of data that, especially in cases of code red, can make the difference between life and death of the patient.

Created 15 years ago, and implemented with the advancement of technology in equipment and vehicles, Galileo Ambulanze has become a benchmark in rescue excellence, such as AREU Lombardia.

The software not only tracks the position of the intervention vehicle, but also manages data efficiently (it is GDPR compliant, i.e. it conforms to the European Data Protection Regulation, whose principles it respects), but also offers a wide range of services at the service of the rescuer.


The standard module of Galileo Ambulanze by italsi

The software, as mentioned, is not limited to the mere geolocation of ambulances or the collection of data to be transmitted to the 118 Operations Centre, but offers a range of incredibly important services.

In its standard module, in fact, one can detect:

  • Management of scheduled services/interventions and emergencies 118
  • Reservation/commitment agenda, scheduling of cyclic services
  • Automatic invoicing and billing on configurable parameters
  • Supply management and UTIF reimbursement calculation
  • Member/volunteer/employee management
  • Traceability of membership/fees paid and expense reimbursements
  • Scheduling of courses and qualifications
  • Warehouse, minimum stocks, supplies, barracks
  • Integrated document archiving
  • Dynamic report module for unlimited report creation
  • Multi-operator, access levels, multi-branch for branch offices
  • Vehicle master data, maintenance, expiry dates and related alarms
  • Touch-screen module for rapid service closure on return
  • Management of loaned equipment and delivery tracking
  • Many other utilities that you can discover during the Demo.

The additional modules of Galileo Ambulanze by Italsi

They allow you to obtain essential services for

  • Shift scheduling
  • Attendance tracking
  • PA electronic invoicing – XML _ PEC
  • Migrant Management – Asylum Seekers

In addition to this, the purchase of any Galileo Ambulanze module not only includes 12 months of routine maintenance, but also includes staff training.

This can be carried out remotely, operator by operator according to skills, but also on site as an option.

In addition to training, a ‘start-up’ service is also offered, which consists of accompanying the customer during the initial stages to facilitate the start-up of the system.

Emergency Expo, the online trade fair that Roberts has dedicated to the world of Emergency and Rescue, is very proud to welcome among its exhibitors this valuable tool at the service of rescuers.

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