REAS 2023: Driver of the Year Trophy

Celebrating Everyday Heroism: REAS 2023 Honours the Angels of the Road

In the heart of autumn, in the first week of October to be precise, the emergency ecosystem in Italy will experience a moment of sharing, learning and recognition. The scene will be REAS, Salone Internazionale dell’Emergenza, which for the 2023 edition will open its pavilions to an event celebrating the self-sacrifice and expertise of ambulance drivers and volunteers who, on a daily basis, rush to the aid of people in difficulty. This year, special attention will be paid to the Formula Guida Sicura team, which will pay tribute to these silent heroes through the Driver of the Year Trophy.

REAS is not only a showcase for the latest innovations in terms of medical vehicles, medical equipment and rescue technology, but also serves as a melting pot of experience and expertise. Here, industry professionals, ambulance fitters, car manufacturers and leading medical device companies converge to share knowledge, but above all to interact with those who are in the field every day: the drivers and volunteers.

The Trophy

The Driver of the Year Trophy is a competition that simulates the challenges these professionals face on a daily basis. Through an articulated course, the drivers are put to the test in various situations they might encounter during their service. This contest, now in its 11th edition, offers a unique opportunity for ambulance drivers and volunteers from all over Italy to measure their skills, share experiences and, above all, feel valued by the community they serve with such dedication.

This edition of the trophy, which coincides with the 22nd International Emergency Exhibition, promises to be an unforgettable event. Not only because of the competition, which will see the drivers strive to achieve the best time, but because of the entire spirit that pervades the event. Here, competition merges with sharing, tension with the celebration of an invaluable social mission.

Driving an ambulance during an emergency is not a task for the faint-hearted

In addition to technical dexterity, it is emotional strength and psychological resilience that distinguish these professionals. The Driver of the Year Trophy is not only a well-deserved recognition, but a platform to show the public the complexity and beauty of this crucial role.

The invitation is extended to everyone: come celebrate and support these everyday heroes, discover the world of emergency first hand, and contribute to the growth of a culture of solidarity and respect. Italy desperately needs to value and support these angels of the road, who with courage and skill, take charge of the safety and well-being of the community. Every participation, every gesture of recognition, strengthens the commitment of volunteers and drivers, instilling in them and in the volunteer associations a renewed energy and determination to pursue the noble mission of rescue and assistance.

The REAS in numbers

  • When: 6-7-8 October 2023
  • Where: Montichiari Exhibition Centre (Brescia)
  • 8 exhibition halls dedicated to
  • 22-24,000 visitors at each edition
  • Around 10,000 people on Saturday, the day of the Trophy

Take part in REAS 2023 as a competing driver!



Formula Guida Sicura

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