Canada - 7th Annual National Roundtable on DRR

The annual roundtable is a two-day conference for the membership of Canada’s Platform for disaster risk reduction which includes stakeholders from government, non-profit organizations, academia and the private sector to  meet and share information and best practices on Disaster Risk Reduction

Indeed, the Hyatt Regency Montreal will host the 7th Annual National Roundtable on DRR, on 21st and 22nd November 2016.

A National Platform for DRR can broadly be defined as an assembly of interdisciplinary stakeholders brought together by their shared interest in reducing the risks posed by disasters. Canada’s Platform seeks to build a sense of national, cross-sectoral ownership in the disaster risk reduction process through coordinated leadership and action. National ownership is built through an inclusive, participatory process.

Read more and find further information on the event website

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