Breakthrough Disaster Preparedness Strategies

Effective preparation for the next disaster—whether it’s a hurricane, plant explosion, active shooter situation or previously unimagined catastrophe—requires examining what worked well and what didn’t in the past. The best preparation calls for each unit of the disaster response community, including multiple government agencies, to examine past responses and then work together to establish proven procedures for communication, coordination and public safety. Medical World Amercias promote a conference in the Solutions Theater, Expo Hall, on Monday, April 28, from1:45 to 2:30 PM.

The Breakthrough Disaster Preparedness Strategies panel will bring together key members of those critical units to share their past wins and lessons learned, with the goal of minimizing future casualties and damage.

Panelists include:

Ed Gonzalez
Houston Mayor Pro-Tem
Chief Dennis Storemski
Deputy Director of Public Security and Homeland Security
Walter Magnussen, Jr.
Director of Telecommunications, Texas A&M
Major Michael Wong
Harris County Sheriff’s Office
Chief Rick Flanagan
Office of Emergency Management
Captain Jonathan Zera
Houston Police Department

You have three choices to attend the Breakthrough Disaster Preparedness Strategies:

1. Register for Full Conference Registration for access to this panel, the exposition and conference plenary sessions which include When Disaster StrikesInnovations Shaping the Future of Patient Care and Big Data: Transforming Medicine.
2. Register for discounted One-Day Registration.
3. Register for free Expo-Plus RegistrationExpo-Plus registration provides you with access to this panel, the exposition and conference plenary sessions.


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