Natural disasters: Facebook allied with UNICEF, Red Cross & Red Crescient and WFP

After a natural disaster, essential is knowing where it happense, how many people are involved and what clearly happened.

Now, in case of catastrophes and serious emergencies, Facebook is about to make available its data and its services to the biggest organizations which opertate in emergency situations.

The partnership among Mark Zuckerberg, UNICEF, Red Cross & Red Crescient and the World Food Programme will allow to share live data to help rescuers to evaluate the scenario and prepare the right strategy and equipments to respond.

Floods, earthquakes, landslides, famine or drought are very difficult to face, especially in certain countries. In these cases, responses are complicated and require time. They have to evaluate the dangerousness of the scene and check how many lives have to be saved. The matter is that, generally, communication channels as the phone do not work. Only internet connection resist or radio links. Thanks to the quantity of data registered by Facebook, it is possible to understand how many people are in danger, who is safe, where to send vehicles and support, and so on.

“This is part of creating safe communities, and we will keep doing more initiatives like this to help2, writes Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook profile.

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