Chelation therapy: what it is, when it is used

In chelation therapy, a biologically based therapy, a drug is used to bind and remove a hypothetical excess or toxic amount of a metal or mineral (e.g., lead, copper, iron, calcium) from the blood stream

In conventional medicine, chelation therapy is a widely accepted way of treating lead poisoning and other heavy metals

Heavy metal toxicity, usually due to environmental exposure, can be a risk factor for dementia (1), cardiovascular disease, and chronic kidney disease.

Chelation therapy with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid has been proposed as a method to remove calcium and thus treat atherosclerosis.

However, despite > 50 years of study, researchers have not identified any mechanism to explain how chelation therapy could treat atherosclerosis or prevent heart attacks or strokes.

In 2012, a large randomised placebo-controlled trial of chelation (called Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy [TACT]) found a significant benefit for chelation over placebo for composite (outcome) outcomes (26.5% vs 30% for placebo), but not for individual outcomes (e.g., death, cardiovascular events, stroke, hospitalisations).

This study had methodological flaws and did not end the controversy over chelation therapy; however, a retrospective review of the data showed a significant reduction in the composite endpoint in patients with diabetes and peripheral artery disease in the chelation group compared to the control group, as well as a reduction in mortality.

A subsequent systematic review of 38 studies showed the possible but unclear benefits of chelation in relation to secondary prevention of recurrent cardiac events.

Risks of chelation therapy include

  • Hypocalcaemia (which is potentially serious)
  • Infusion site reaction, fever, nausea, vomiting
  • Renal damage
  • Delay in more effective treatment
  • Death


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