Hip osteoarthritis: what is coxarthrosis

Osteoarthritis of the hip-i.e., coxarthrosis-is a condition that mostly affects the elderly population (>65 years old), essentially due to premature wear and tear of the joint heads that impairs normal walking

Signs and symptoms of hip osteoarthritis

Subjective symptomatology consists essentially of pain in the affected joint or regional musculature, which is most intense in the morning, subsides with movement, may flare up after exertion, and generally subsides during night rest.

Subsequently, joint function becomes limited first because of pain, then because of mechanical obstacles that may prevent the performance of normal activities.

Diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis

Decreased joint rhyme is the first sign of cartilage damage that may allow a diagnosis of early arthrosis to be made.

Subsequently, the other radiologic symptoms that are not always obvious are observed.

The presence of osteophytes and joint deformities are signs of long-standing arthrosis that ends in radiologically evident joint ankylosis.

Therapy of hip osteoarthritis

The therapy of hip osteoarthritis is surgical.

In particular, we make use of modern prosthetic implants that allow total replacement of the joint.

Hip prostheses are made of precious metal (titanium) and do not require any cementation, that is, they achieve direct anchorage to the bone that allows walking, under partial load, 3-4 days after surgery.

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