RETTmobil 2016, what about patient handling?

RETTmobil will be the most important exhibition dedicated to EMS and Fire Safety in Germany and Central Europe for 2016. More than 500 exhibitors from 20 countries expect more than 25.000 trade visitors.

dakar_repThe main focus in Fulda will be: “Training”. This mean that RETTmobil exhibitors will create open-spaces for professionals where test products, activities and procedures. One of the main topics at stage during the 3-days event will be patient handling.

Spencer in collaboration with Dönges will inaugurate a special  demo area for testing its products and solution for transport and immobilization.  The best devices manufactured  by Spencer like the new transfer sheet WOW, the basket stretcher Dakar, 4BELL chair and the Pro Skid-E evacuation chair will be protagonists of some rescue trainings during the exhibition. All EMS professionals will be able to test Spencer products on stairs and confined spaces to evaluate the quality of these products.

This is a new tailor-made experience for customers who wants to acquire the most innovative solutions to improve their equipment. Spencer is the leading European EMS brand, a solution-maker for emergency since 1989, answering the most complex problems of emergency medical devices which represent the avant-garde in their own field.

From the beginning, Spencer has always demonstrated an international attitude, taking on the difficult process of internationalization and in brief time reaching a strong worldwide presence. Today Spencer is present in more than 100 countries with its own sales and distribution network, especially in pivotal world areas as GCC countries, Latin America and Asia.



Spencer 4BELL represents the evolution of the concept of evacuation. It offers maximum comfort and an ideal usability for both operators and the patient. Rescuers will find absolutely innovative steps in this device that will effectively help you in evacuation and emergency procedures, minimizing effort and the margin of error. Spencer 4 BELL is 4 times revolutionary for the world of emergency.



The most relevant novelty of the PRO SKID is the use of passive caterpillar belts which effortlessly glide downstairs, with an elevated level of security. Careful examination of the whole chair reveals a seat that has been very carefully studied; aesthetically and in its conceptually free styling. The mixture of technical requirements give it an aggressive style. For example the tortuous conformation of the welded frame or the obvious originality of the seating posture. The precocity of the aesthetics is underlined by the distribution of the angles, the backrest that can be telescopically inclined, the adjustable headrest and the handles for transportation that can also be detached from the chair itself. Innovative design and the maximum of security possible when in use, make the new Skid Series an absolute novelty within the environment of evacuation and transport.


Excellence, quality, and love for details are evident in the new development by Spencer. The new device for patient transport WOW represents the excellence in the craftsmanship panorama. Usually rescuers don’t love the standard transfer sheet for patient transport. WOW transfer sheet by Spencer has changed the perspective. Spencer was able to achieve the perfection with this new device. Tested from paramedics all over the world, it can be used from 2 to 5 responders at the same time.


dakar-video-360The Dakar introduces itself as the evolution of the original model while nevertheless being a true and real revolution. The projection of the style towards the future boasts a new image, which cleverly units rationality with functionality. To its dynamism we have added the style and technology necessary to face all kinds of operations, even the most intense and difficult ones. The new Dakar epitomizes the commitment of Spencer to the realization of a stretcher of exceptional structural qualities enclosed in a compact and secure shell. A new stainless steel framework: a Spencer idea for uniting rationality and mobility in just one stretcher and to ensure to those who utilize it, both agility and security no matter what the terrain. The challenge is always the same; to develop a stretcher with dual personality. A comfortable stretcher that maintains all the characteristics essential to the numerous methods of recovery. All of this, obviously, firmly anchored to Spencer technology. The adoption of 200 mm wheels and of ballbearings for both the rotation of the supports and of the wheel rotation, optimizes the smoothness with minimum effort. The elasticity of the polyurethane covering guarantees maximum comfort thanks to the high shock absorption capacity, every irregularity of the ground is softened and no vibrations or jolting are transmitted to the stretcher.



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