Spencer India launches Bike Ambulance making first response faster than ever

In occasion of the Spencer India Medical Convention, held on 29th September 2017, Spencer India had successfully launched its motorcycle ambulance service at New Delhi.

The team of Spencer India, led by Mr. Manish Malik had taken the initiative to make India’s emergency transportation service better and advanced. Mr. Antonio Ciardella and Mr. Antonino Vilardi from Spencer Italy are also part of this launch.

The launch of an motorcycle ambulance in India is very clever and very useful because we can use it in critical-time and conditions like cardiac arrest and multi traumatized patients in an attempt to reduce the response time. Indeed, along the Indian congested streets, a Motorcycle Ambulance would be the only emergency vehicle to reach the scenario faster than a car. It will absolutely increase the surviving rate of a patient who suffers. It carries a solo paramedic or first responder to a patient.  This initiative will surely help India in saving many lives than ever.

Spencer Italia is worldwide manufacturer medical emergency equipment it sells mode in 120 countries in the world. The company has been founded almost 30 years ago and its branches are located in several countries, like South East Asia, India, China, Spain, etc. More than 1,300 products, 70% of which are manufactured in Europe. The main focus of Spencer is patient transport equipment, reanimation and suction unit. Products goes from EMS field, to ambulance, safety evacuation and hospital equipments fields.

The sales manager, Mr. Antonio Ciardella said:

I joined this company 20 years ago. I was following the export department at the beginning then I became sales director of the company. We are doing international networking. I was even pharma paramedics so I know about the products that we sell. And we participate in research & development of the products most of the products that we have in a range comes from the suggestion we had from the ground, from the people that use everyday our products. We have a big number of customers; even in India we have many projects in Delhi, Haryana which are very interesting and important.

How you are tackling competitions in your field ?

“In 22,000 square meters we have the biggest installation related to emergency medical sector in Europe. We have one of the widest range of product in the world and this is very important for our customers, because we can be a one stock supplier for a lot of product segment that they need. One thing I think is very important, is that almost 12% of our turnover every year is dedicated to research. We recently launched new products but every 8 months we launch two or three new products and some of those has unique features. This means a very high power of invention, very high commitment to the development on new products for the emergency field.”

How will your customers and their patients can benefit? And how can you quantify those benefits?

“The benefits of our customers have even for our present customers in India. We believe that it is not just important to sell. Sell can be one short action and we believe in training in fact Spencer India’s trained thousands of people in our installation. We believe in serious & reliable sales services, even in India’s office. We are in special field; our product has been used daily by the pragmatics need to save life. So, they need to work very well way and should be reliable anytime they needed to be used.”

In which this new Ambulance Motorcycle is different from a common bike?

“The Ambulance bike is a very clever idea because it gathers the solutions to big problems in India: the need of a quick response way and the need of a compact vehicle. In particular in crowded cities like Mumbai, Delhi and even in very narrow roads. One of the biggest problem in India is reaching the suffering patient in time, especially in case of cardiac arrest. So, this idea comes from the necessity of dispatching a paramedic with right equipments on the scenario as soon as possible, despite the traffic. Bikes are very important because they carry the essential, but at the same time, the most important equipments. There is a tracking system for the safety purpose of the driver in order to save time. And above all, it is a very light weight vehicle with the oxygen equipments. This is very fast invention to save the life of the patients in emergency case.”

Among the vast range of Spencer products, which one do you think is the best innovation and why?

“Until now, I think that the patient platform, BOB is the newest innovation. It is one of the best products with too many facilities in one product. We completely changed the philosophy of manufacturing these stretcher platform. So, making a product that is commonly used and make it as completely new product is a great effort. So, this is what I like the most.”

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