COVID-19, the WHO says "no" to the obligation of surgical facemasks at school: fabric ones are safe as well

Anti-COVID-19 facemasks: there are schools that impose the obligation of surgical facemasks on students. Banned fabric masks, as if they were less effective. But, this is not the indication that comes from scientists and doctors.

For the World Health Organization “children in good health can wear non-medical or fabric facemasks.”


The adult providing the facemask must ensure that the fabric mask is the correct size and sufficiently covers the child’s nose, mouth and chin”.

The use of surgical facemask is indicated as necessary only for fragile subjects. A line also reiterated by paediatricians of Acp.

Therefore, there is no problem with the surgical facemask/fabric facemask (as long as it obviously respects the safety criteria), but its correct use and all the other behaviors to be kept, from the distance between children to the cleaning of hands, are important.

If children arrive in the classroom wearing their own fabric mask, among other things, schools have the opportunity to better manage the stock of personal protective equipment that has been delivered to institutions.

In addition, fewer facemasks are thrown away in undifferentiated waste, protecting the environment.

From the Ministers of School and Health then comes a clear indication to school leaders: it is not mandatory to use the surgical mask alone.



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