PECARN Pediatric Head CT Rule Project – Pediatric TBI guideline

Every year in Canada, nearly 50,000 children visit the ER because of a TBI (traumatic brain injury). According to this data, the PECARN Pediatric Head Injury Prediction Rule has been created.

Thanks to the PECARN-ALiEM-CanadiEM knowledge translation project, a useful guide for physicians in order to determine which children need to be exposed to the harmful radiation of a CT scan versus those that we can safely discharge home without one.

Gabe Sudario, an Emergency Medicine resident at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, University of California, gathered an international, multi-team workgroup six months ago, in order to create a visual tool to:

  1. Simplify the algorithm for users
  2. Serve as a reminder for users who have familiarity with the study.
  3. Be used a reference tool for a multi-disciplinary team to come to clinical decisions in the resuscitation area.

After these six months of collaboration, three teams were formed amongst the international working group and each one drafted a design for this purpose. Each group elaborated a project to reach a final product, which revealed to be the official PECARN head trauma, visual decision rule aid.

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