Ukraine, the Italian Red Cross documentary one year after the start of the conflict

The Italian Red Cross has been at the side of the affected communities and the most fragile people since the beginning of the conflict

One year of conflict, CRI President Rosario Valastro’s analysis of the war in Ukraine

“One year on, the story of our documentary narrates the everyday life of a country where life is trying to go on despite the enormous difficulties that have affected defenceless people,” says Rosario Valastro, President of the CRI.

‘Just as,’ he continues, ‘we have collected the testimony of those Red Cross volunteers who are on the ground to rescue and help’.


Ukraine Conflict: stories of civilians – 1st Feb 2023 – In the picture: Evgen Varava, the head of Emergency Response Team in Vyshgorod, showing a building bombed last novembre: “We worked here for 7 hours to help wounded people and to get off the bodies of died people. It happened two months ago, but you can still smell burning.”

Russia-Ukraine conflict, the documentary by Annalisa Ausilio and Emiliano Albensi

Through a long journey to the symbolic places of the conflict, the authors of the documentary ‘Breath of Winter’, filmmakers Annalisa Ausilio and Emiliano Albensi, drag the viewer into the lives turned upside down by the conflict.

Like the story of Paolo, a pensioner from Liguria who three years ago moved to Piski, a small village in northern Ukraine, to join his wife Olga, and who has been surviving this ‘new normality’ for a year.

The same normality that Larisa, a displaced nurse from Mykolaiv, who now lives in Vinnytsia and has made her skills available after ‘meeting the Red Cross’, seeks.

The narration is framed by the long and unstoppable commitment of the Italian Red Cross, which has been at the side of the Ukrainian Red Cross since the beginning, while the images are accompanied by the moving music of maestro Remo Anzovino.

Ukraine Conflict: stories of civilians – 29th Jan 2023 – In the picture: Emergency Response Team of the URCS carrying an old woman with broken hips from an isolated village to Kyiv where she will have surgery.

These are the numbers testifying to the Italian Red Cross’ effort towards Ukraine

3,500 tons of humanitarian aid sent, 245 fragile people rescued in 3 evacuation missions from Lviv, 27 ambulances delivered to the Ukrainian Red Cross and, to date, used as mobile clinics to guarantee health assistance even in the most remote places, in addition to the project for the construction of 120 shelters for internally displaced persons.

Ukraine Conflict: stories of civilians – 2nd Feb 2023 – In the picture: Larisa, an URCS nurse, examining people in an isolated village around 40 kilometers far from Vinnytsia. “We do medical exams on local people and they are very happy when they see us arriving. But often we also do medical examination on internal displaced people and in this case I find myself hugging them and mourning with them for lost loved ones.”

Watch the Italian Red Cross docufilm on the conflict in Ukraine

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