Bangkok prepares for Omicron surge with ambulance drills and closures

Bangkok’s governor orders the capital’s 50 districts to carry out ambulance medical transport drills for patients with Omicron covid variant and to take measures to suppress non-essential leisure activities

Bangkok, measures to curb Omicron outbreak

District offices have also been told to rehearse transport measures for patients to ensure they receive prompt medical attention.

Patients who develop mild symptoms will be treated in home isolation,” Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Permanent Secretary Khajit Chatchavanich said on Saturday.

“They will receive a thermometer, a finger oximeter, antipyretics and other medicines,” he explained.

Those whose symptoms worsen will receive Favipiravir or be sent to a community isolation facility, a field hospital or a hospital, depending on the severity of the illness.

District offices have also been ordered to set up emergency operation centres to monitor the Omicron situation and collaborate with agencies in preparing contingency plans.

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