Relive, the game about cardiopulmonary resuscitation

The main purpose of this game is to increase the awareness about this topic and push people, especially teenagers and young adults, to take a CPR class and be prepared to intervene in case of need.The idea is to create a fun and entertaining game, a SCI-FI opera, to gather the attention of the audience, and let the CPR concept slip through the game. During the game the player is forced to learn the basis of CPR to move forward in the story, in an interesting and non-invasive way. To keep the CPR skills razor sharp and for a fun and fast CPR challenge a tournament mode encourage group play. Family, schools and groups will be able to challenge themselves to beat the best score.

In Europe every day 1.000 people die of cardiac arrest. Immediate CPR increase the chances of survival. In more than 70% of instances, cardiac arrest is witnessed and CPR could be initiated by bystanders. At present, in Europe the only in 15% (European average) of cases witnesses perform CPR. CPR is not risky. Taking a CPR class is the best way to rise this 15% of bystanders and save lives.

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