Chairs for evacuating patients down the stairs: an overview

During an emergency, this is well known, one of the basic rules is to use the stairs: the lift is to be avoided in scenarios involving fire, earthquakes or floods

The evacuation chair is designed to transport patients quickly in an emergency and in all situations where stairs are needed.

It is mainly used for emergency transfer of patients on stairs or in confined spaces.

The chair is lightweight, foldable, easy to use and can easily slide down stairs using the rails to help people with limited mobility evacuate quickly and safely.

What evacuation chairs do using stairs?

Wheelchairs improve safety and efficiency: the main models on the market are designed to provide a safer solution for professional first responders and more efficient transport of people downstairs in an emergency.

The chair is equipped with smooth sliding rails capable of sliding down the stairs to ensure safer patient transfers and reduce operator stress by allowing one person to use the stairs.

The chair has a short handle behind the backrest and a retractable handle at the bottom that can be operated by two carriers and used as a stair stretcher to facilitate patient transfers in confined spaces.

Almost all of them will have four wear-resistant wheels and can be used as a wheelchair on the floor.

In many models on the market, the height of the chair’s operating trolley can be adjusted in 2 or 3 steps to facilitate use by operators of different heights.

The seat is often retractable and in any case made of material suitable for quick washing and sanitising.

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