Diagnostic tests: Arthro magnetic resonance imaging (Arthro MRI)

Arthro Magnetic Resonance Imaging (arthro MRI) is a diagnostic test that allows, using a contrast medium injected intra-articularly under radiological guidance, to highlight injuries involving soft parts, tendons, muscles, skeletal structures, ligaments and fibro-cartilaginous elements in joints (shoulder and hip) where the patient complains of pain or mobility problems

What is arthro-MRI used for?

Arthro-MRI is considered to be the most comprehensive method for the evaluation of pathologies affecting joints and enables the highly sensitive and panoramic detection of any ligamentous or fibrocartilaginous injuries (e.g. in shoulder dislocation).

Who can perform arthro MRI?

Anyone can perform the test, with the exception of pregnant women.

Is arthro MRI painful or dangerous?

The procedure can be uncomfortable due to the injection of the contrast medium intra-articularly.

There are generally no contraindications related to allergic reactions.

How does arthro MRI work?

It consists of performing an MRI examination after injecting a diluted solution of a contrast agent into the joint.

Complications following the test are very rare.

The patient may in some cases experience discomfort and discomfort in the shoulder or hip due to joint distension in the period following the test.

Cases of infection are very rare.

The duration of the examination is generally 30 minutes in total: about 10 minutes for the injection and 20 minutes for the MRI test.

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