Invasion of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health issues a vademecum for a chemical attack or an attack on chemical plants

The invasion of Ukraine is entering a second phase, and chemical plants are a possible target of attacks: the Ministry of Health has issued a vademecum for citizens on what to do in case of such an attack or bombing of chemical plants

In fact, some plants have already been bombed in the self-proclaimed republics, which must have prompted the Ukrainian government to publish it.

Chemical attack, instructions given to citizens of Ukraine

Chemical attacks damage the environment and can kill all living things.

In the event of a chemical attack or accident at a chemical plant, it is necessary to

  • seal windows and doors, air intakes, chimneys,
  • seal cracks in windows with paper or tape,
  • switch on the TV or radio for further instructions,
  • warn relatives of danger and possible evacuation,
  • switch off electrical appliances and gas.

In case of evacuation, bring a first aid kit.

Dress so that there is as little exposed skin as possible.

Use gas masks or cotton gauze bandages soaked in water or, preferably, a 2-5% solution of sodium bicarbonate (if impaired by chlorine), acetic acid or citric acid (if impaired by ammonia).

Carefully and without panic, leave the room using the stairs.

Do not run in the street, do not touch any object, do not step into a puddle.

Do not eat or drink anything!

Ukraine, chemical attack with chlorine and ammonia emissions: try to move uphill if chlorine is released, in case of ammonia emissions move downhill

Leave the affected area as soon as possible by moving into the air or wind.

First aid in case of chlorine poisoning

The victim should be taken outdoors immediately, well covered and allowed to breathe in water vapour or a 0.5% aerosol soda solution for 15 minutes.

Do not allow the victim to move independently.

The victim can only be transported in a supine position.

If necessary, perform mouth-to-mouth respiration.

The main means of combating chlorine is water.

First aid in case of ammonia poisoning

The victim should be taken outdoors immediately.

The victim should be carried in the supine position.

Provide warmth and peace, give hydrated oxygen.

If possible, wash contaminant off body, change clothes.

First aid in case of phosgene poisoning

The victim should be taken to fresh air immediately.

If necessary, administer oxygen, rinse eyes with lukewarm water.

A person exposed to phosgene should be observed for 48 hours, as pulmonary oedema may develop during this period.

First aid in case of phosphine poisoning

The victim should be moved immediately to fresh air.

Any contamination of the victim should be washed off and clothing changed.

If necessary, administer oxygen, activated charcoal at the rate of 1 gram per kilogram of body weight.

First aid in case of hydrochloric acid poisoning

The victim should be taken outdoors immediately.

Any pollution should be washed off the victim for at least three minutes and clothes should be changed.

If necessary, rinse the eyes with water or saline solution for 15 minutes.

Give the victim as much water as possible to drink.

Ukraine, response to a chemical attack: First aid in case of nitrogen oxide poisoning

The victim should be taken to fresh air immediately.

It is necessary to wash away possible contamination of the victim for at least 15 minutes and change clothes.

Flush the victim’s eyes for at least 15 minutes.

Give the victim as much water as possible to drink.

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Ukrainian Ministry of Health

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