War in Ukraine: in Lutsk, rescuers taught first aid to volunteers

First aid in Lutsk: the war in Ukraine has put first aid in the spotlight as a means of saving a fellow citizen from injury when rescuers may have difficulty intervening

In Lutsk, rescuers conducted training courses for volunteers who signed up for voluntary civil protection training

This was reported on the Facebook page of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Volyn region.

The rescuers trained the volunteers with respect to the procedures for providing first aid, the procedure for conducting individual rescue operations, safety rules in mines and general requirements for safety at work.

More than 60 citizens of Lutsk took part in the exercises.

These events are organised by the local authorities, the State Emergency Service of the region and its local administrations, the Training and Methodological Centre of the Central Administration and the BJD of the Volyn region.

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