War in Ukraine: Ternopil receives four ambulances from UK's Ukrainian Dispatch

On 24 March, Ternopil received four ambulances from the Ukrainian Dispatch of the United Kingdom. Six volunteers jointly delivered the vehicles, which will be handed over to forward positions in the coming days for the repatriation of troops and civilians

From UK to Ukraine, the gift of ambulances to Ternopil in the words of the mayor

“Today we received four ambulances delivered by volunteers from the UK.

They are equipped with everything necessary to evacuate the sick and wounded.

It has been decided that the vehicles will be sent to the war zone, towns and military units that most need such assistance,” said Serhiy Nadal.

“The ambulances are equipped with warning lights and are fully ready for departure.

Many thanks to the international community for their support and assistance.

Today, the entire community has united in the fight against the Russian aggressor. We are confident of victory every day”.

The role of Ukrainians living in the UK in the donation to Ternopil

Oleksandr Salii, a volunteer from Ternopil who now lives in England, says that along with the transport the volunteers also donated the necessary medicines and generators.

The food delivered to Ternopil was distributed to the resettlement centres in the city.

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Municipality of Ternopil

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