India is projecting air ambulance with a COVID-19 pod

In India, the idea of helipads to welcome an air ambulance with a biocontainment pod have been launched a couple of years ago. Now it’s reality and it will be deployed to face COVID-19 emergency.

Air ambulance with COVID-19 pod in India – Two years ago the idea has been launched and for some reasons, it remained on paper. Today, a company named KYATHI launched in what they call India’s first “Integrated Air Ambulance Services and Southern India’s first fixed-wing air ambulance“.


Air ambulance with COVID-19 pod to serve Bangalore, India

This ambulance has also been equipped with an isolation pod to transport patients infected with COVID-19. ICATT (International Critical Air Transfer Team). This fixed-wing air ambulance will be stationed at the HAL airport assures to speed up the process of emergency transport of patients who need medical care.

This air ambulance is also equipped with a German Isolation Pod which will help in the safe transportation of COVID-19 patients. The service was officially inaugurated by the CM BS Yediyurappa several other ministers of the cabinet were also a part of the event.

The introduction of this Integrated Air Ambulance service will ensure not only quick medical assistance but also high-quality care. Senior doctors and critical care paramedics will take care of the patients. Bangalore is a strategic point in India and choosing the air ambulance station in that city means focusing on the whole of South India. As COVID-19 pandemic is not over, healthcare concerns are higher than normal, this is what the CM of KYATHI.

Dr Shalini Nalwad, Co-Founder & Director, ICATT reported that India requires better emergency medical services to meet the growing number of emergencies. What exists today, primarily stationed out of Delhi and Mumbai and providing fragmented services across the country, falls short of meeting the requirement.

Second, for the service to be fully effective, you need last-mile connectivity through well-equipped land ambulances and helicopters that could cater to cases in close by cities to overcome the challenge of loss of time in the golden hour due to land traffic.

Being the only air ambulance service providers with medical know-how and expertise, there could be no better than us to understand the relevance and need for integrated services and we are happy that we have finally launched this, more so at a time when the need for emergency medical care has been at an all-time high.



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