Firefighters, Civil Defence and rescue workers: Peli's wide range of products at Emergency Expo

Peli has set up its own stand in Emergency Expo, and this allows Firefighters, Civil Protection volunteers and rescuers to deepen their knowledge with the many products of the company

The range is in fact wide and meets the needs of many sectors of the Emergency.

Peli in Emergency Expo: products for Firefighters and Civil Defence

One of the problems in a maxi emergency, or in a place where a fire has broken out, is certainly the lighting.

Strange as it may seem, lighting the intervention site is essential both for the safety of the rescuer and for his ability to perform.

Peli’s product range is unrivalled in this respect, ranging from torches to lighting towers.

A range of possibilities that certainly the Fire Brigade and Civil Defence volunteers will appreciate.

Peli stand, excellent products also for rescuers:

But also the company’s hard cases are essential for a rescue intervention: the “cases” can make the difference, because when the intervention is on a time-dependent pathology, having every element in its place is the ABC.

So if your life is in Emergency Rescue, Peli’s stand will allow you to know better the differences between a case and another, and then you can decide in full knowledge which is more suitable for a specific intervention.


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