Ukraine, emergency specialists from 11 hospitals will be trained in war damage according to European protocols

Ukraine, Emergency Department doctors and nurses from 11 Ukrainian hospitals will receive training in the provision of emergency war care based on the latest European protocols

This will enable them to improve their professional knowledge and practical skills in the provision of emergency care for non-life-threatening conditions and traumatic injuries.


Ukraine, the trainings include training modules for doctors and nurses:

ALS/ILS – negative resuscitation activities in adults;

TDTR – traumatic injury care for adults and children;

EPILS – professional resuscitation care for children;

EMCC – examination and treatment of critically ill patients (e.g. acute cardiovascular disease, acute myocardial infarction, stroke);

Non-technical skills and communication during emergency medical rescue, including high-risk emergencies.

War in Ukraine, training courses for doctors and nurses are part of a project of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in cooperation with the World Bank

Already 100 specialists from nine hospitals in the city and Kiev region have started to provide this training.


40 doctors and 60 nurses are trained to operate as safely and quickly as possible, taking care of patients in critical and emergency situations with a high number of casualties.


The certification training is conducted by trainers from the civil society organisation All-Ukrainian Association for Rehabilitation and Emergency Medical Care.


The first part of the training takes place online.


At the end, a simulation exercise will be carried out at each medical facility trained in this process.


The training of doctors and nurses is particularly important in the current context, as it increases the level of emergency medical care, especially for war victims in Ukraine

In 2021, medical staff from 10 referral hospitals across the country successfully completed training in the provision of emergency medical care and traumatic injuries as part of the joint World Bank-Ukrainian Ministry of Health project ‘Improving Health Care for People’.

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