EMT, which roles and functions in Palestine? What salary?

EMT – Emergency medical technicians, ie. paramedics, in Palestine are the ambulance drivers. They are well educated about basic life support.

EMTs here are often employed by governmental hospitals and fire departments.

Palestine, what roles for an EMT?

Some EMTs are paid employees, while others are volunteers as many people participate in first aid trainings because they feel it is part of the social solidarity. 

EMTs provide medical care under a set of protocols, which are written by a doctor.

In every Palestinian hospital, senior doctors create protocols following international guidelines.

The risks of being an EMT in Palestine

Since Palestine is an area of multiple wars, EMTs in Palestine are exposed to a variety of hazards such as lifting patients and equipment, treating those with infectious disease, handling hazardous substances, and dangerous fields.

With the covid-19 pandemic, there is a shortage of EMT employees needed as some of them refused to participate because of fear of infection.

EMTs in Palestine usually work in part-time manner, as most of them are drivers that work in fields of different types, so there are sometime shortage of employees.

In other times, The EMTs are nurses or junior general practitioners.

Salaries of EMTs are variable, but usually does not exceed 200$ per month, and a high percentage of them are originally ambulance drivers.

In Palestine, each ambulance must have a doctor inside it.

Article written for Emergency Live by Ameer Helles (Gaza)

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