What Is EMS Strong?

What matters more – the stuff on the outside of a uniform, or the stuff on the inside? KNOW MORE ABOUT EMS STRONG

Next time you’re getting dressed for work, take an extra moment for a good look in the mirror. What — and whom — do you see looking back at you? Look that person in the eye, take a deep breath, and ask some tough questions:

What if today’s shift brings me face-to-face with a mother whose teenage son has hanged himself in the basement? This is a moment she’s going to remember forever. The way I break the news, the look on my face, my body language – those all matter as much as my words. Am I ready for that?

What if today I find myself with a partner who cuts corners, who drives irresponsibly, whose personal triage system involves treating people differently based on the color of their skin, the shade of their religion, the hue of their sexual orientation? Am I prepared to do what I know is right?

What if today’s shift brings nothing but mundane, routine calls that don’t use my skills or challenge me? Will I be professional and courteous, but nothing more? Or will I find or make opportunities to be the best part of someone’s day?

What if today is the worst shift of my career? What if I find myself utterly exhausted, annoyed, sore, uncertain, discouraged or afraid? Where will I look for strength when mine is used up?

Now, are you ready for a shock? The answers to these questions don’t really matter. What matters is that you’re willing to ask them honestly and reflect on what they mean. What matters is acknowledging that sometimes you’re going to come up short, sometimes you’re going to be unsure of yourself, and sometimes even your best isn’t going to be enough, and you’re going to fail. In fact, if you answered those questions easily and with confidence, you’re probably fooling yourself.

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