Bad weather Emilia Romagna and Marche (Italy), the commitment of the firefighters continues

Italy / Rescue operations have been going on for forty-eight hours following the wave of bad weather affecting Emilia Romagna and the Marches, the major criticalities remain between the provinces of Forlì Cesena and Ravenna

Over 2,000 interventions were carried out in the two regions, where more than 900 firefighters are at work with more than 300 vehicles.

In Emilia Romagna 760 firefighters, of which 400 arrived in reinforcement from other regions, engaged in rescue operations with 250 vehicles, including 25 small boats, 5 amphibians, 10 pumping vehicles, 5 helicopters and 10 drones.

Romagna, over 1,500 interventions carried out so far: 690 in Bologna, 320 in Ravenna, 310 in Forlì Cesena, 220 in Rimini

During the night in the province of Ravenna, various watercourses overflowed affecting the municipalities of: Conselice, where the firefighters were involved in the evacuation of 40 elderly people from a nursing home, Cotignola, Sant’Agata Sul Santerno, Lugo di Romagna, Cotignola, Faenza and Solarolo.

Numerous evacuations have been carried out in these population centers and many more remain to be carried out.

In particular, 10 young people from an institute have to be evacuated in Faenza.

Water levels in general are dropping slightly.

In the Marche region, 200 firefighters engaged in rescue operations with 70 vehicles, 450 interventions carried out in the last forty-eight hours.

More criticalities in the Fermo area due to landslides.

Yesterday until late evening teams engaged in the evacuation of an accommodation facility in Gualdo (MC) affected by a landslide.

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