Safe Drive, stay alive: Firefighter release a new hard Rock music video adressed to those who save lives

Maxi Curnow is a firefighter with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, UK. He is also a musician and artist within the industry. And he want to send a message to the people who risk their life on road.

This hard-hitting music video portraying a fatal road crash has been produced by him.

“If we make it” is the new single that describe the potential tragic consequences of complacent driving. For the first time Maxi Curnow has combined firefighting and music in a powerful way.
Emergency Live hope that this message could be shared all around the world. “The idea for the video – Maxi said to GetSurrey Magazine –  was to show how it is easy to be complacent behind the wheel and to stop complacency through irresponsible or drink driving. We wanted to make people realise how a small lapse in concentration can cause trauma and tragedy out of nowhere”.


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