Emergency data management: ZOLL® Online Europe, a new European cloud-based platform to be discovered

Data management? ZOLL® Online takes care of it. Communication between the operations centre and the ambulance, and from the operations centre to the emergency department or intensive care unit is now commonplace

Reliable transmission, data accuracy and protection have, therefore, become truly key issues in the world of rescue.

When the ECG from the monitor/defibrillator is transmitted from the ambulance to the cardiology department in real-time, the data transfer and its proper handling can make all the difference, especially in time-dependent diseases.

To simplify this process as much as possible, ZOLL Online was born

ZOLL® Online is a highly reliable platform that meets your data management needs in the emergency sector: an efficient cloud-based structure that includes configuration and updates services, in full compliance with EU data protection legislation.


What are its essential features? Let’s discover together the latest technology of ZOLL Online:

  • Its extreme accessibility
  • The extreme rapidity of installation of devices
  • ZOLL manages the entire server infrastructure, its maintenance and updates
  • The presence of a local customer service
  • Extremely secure data protection thanks to a specific server
  • ZOLL® Online complies with the European RGPD regulation
  • In addition, the platform is accessible from any browser and allows the dispatcher to quickly and efficiently analyse the data, facilitating the processing of STEMI.

Another interesting feature is the data-driven debriefing to improve intervention outcomes using Case Review software.

For more information and to discover every detail, you can find the new ZOLL® Online platform by clicking here, or by watching the new dedicated video in the ZOLL virtual booth at Emergency Expo.

ZOLL Online, the video:

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