Bocelli: apologies for his considerations on COVID-19 patients in ICUs

Andrea Bocelli and COVID-19, here are his words of excuse after the unbelievable considerations on COVID-19 patients and the ICUs.

Andrea Bocelli turned out to be humble and realized he said unbelievable considerations on COVID-19. Indeed, he said he doesn’t know anyone who entered ICUs for COVID-19, so the virus allegedly is not so dangerous as medics say. Harsh replies by scientific communities and people arrived, and the tenor apologies and explained that he has been misunderstood.


Andrea Bocelli apologized on ICUs and COVID-19 patients

Andrea Bocelli used Facebook to spread his excuses to the world of emergency medicine. The story was particularly outrageous, precisely because it came from someone who, first of all, had been affected by the coronavirus along with his whole family, and secondly because the same human being professed unbelievable phrases had only a few weeks before donated his hyperimmune plasma for patients suffering from COVID-19.

Therefore, let us quote and translate the full excuses of Andrea Bocelli, before treating more serious matters.


Apologies words of Bocelli on COVID-19 and patients in ICUs 

“I have always spent my time fighting, suffering and I did so recently with the advent of this pandemic, as many people know. If my intervention in the Senate Chamber has generated suffering, I sincerely apologize for this, because it was not my intention.

Just as it was not my intention to offend those who were hit from COVID-19. Moreover, as you know, my family was not spared by the virus: we were all infected and we all feared the worst; because no one can know the course of a disease like this, which is still unknown today.

The purpose of my speech was to hope for a near future in which children, above all, can regain normality, can hope to live ‘like children’, playing with each other, embracing each other, as children must do in order to grow up healthy and serene.

This was the real meaning of my intervention. With all those who felt offended by my words – which were allegedly not the most right I suppose – I sincerely apologize because my intentions were quite the opposite.






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