Malaysia, life-saving manoeuvre at an Endurance Triathlon Event: rescuers' intervention

At an Endurance Triathlon Event, First Ambulance Services resuscitates triathlete during inaugural edition

The long-awaited debut event of the Triathlon Event was a resounding success, attracting 2,062 competitors over the weekend 

Up to 50 countries participated in the three-day festival, which included a challenging swim in the South China Sea, a 90-kilometre bike ride on beautiful coastal roads and a 21.1-kilometre run.

The triathlon, like all major sporting events, is not without its casualties.

A 49-year-old triathlete collapsed on the race course, suffering a cardiac arrest.

Rescuers from First Ambulance Service, which provided medical assistance to the event by setting up 2 medical bases manned by 3 emergency doctors, 5 certified medical officers, 11 registered nurses and 50 paramedics, with a fleet of 7 ambulances, 9 paramedic bicycles and 1 fast car, were on hand.

The paramedics then applied an AED and CPR was initiated immediately upon recognition of a cardiac arrest.

Chest compressions was continued enroute to the Main Medical Tent located 7 minutes away.

The casualty was then attended by First Ambulance Medical Commander and the team. T

he patient received advanced life support care in a resource limited setting and was successfully resuscitated.

Stabilised, the triathlete was transported from Desaru, Johor to hospital 

Once resuscitation and stabilisation had been achieved, the patient was transferred to Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Johor Bahru.

“We are happy to announce that the participant has now regained full consciousness and reunited with his loved ones. He is planned to be discharged on 27th July 2022” said Dr.Thayaharan, First Ambulance Medical Commander and Emergency Physician

Latest studies have shown the survivability of out of hospital cardiac arrest in Malaysia is only around 0.5%.

Together with the event organisers, First Ambulance took all required steps to assist provide a safe atmosphere for the triathletes to compete in.

This ensures that attendees may enjoy the event without worrying about having access to medical care.

Dr.Thayaharan added that everyone present has the right to feel secure and at ease, and having an experienced medical team on hand who is providing the necessary degree of care is a vital step in achieving this.

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