Ukraine, Denmark donates 18 ambulances: supplied with medicines and medical equipment in Lviv, they were sent to Kharkiv

Denmark has donated 18 ambulances to the people of Ukraine. The ambulances arrived in Lviv and were then supplied with medicines, gauze and other medical equipment and sent to the war-torn Kharkiv

This was reported by the press service of the Lviv regional council.

18 ambulances equipped with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicles were brought to Ukraine by philanthropists from the Kingdom of Denmark

The ambulances were handed over to the Ukrainian people with the assistance of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The staff of the municipal institution of the Lviv Regional Council Lviv Regional Centre for Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine was involved in the logistics and supply of the ambulances.

Joining forces, doctors from the Lviv region filled the vehicles with humanitarian aid, medicines, tactical dressings, infusion materials, ampoules and advanced supplies.

Specialists from the Regional Clinical Perinatal Centre in Lviv, the Clinical Maternity Home №1 in Lviv and the Clinical Paediatric Hospital in the city of Lviv also collected a significant quantity of neonatological drugs for the residents of Kharkiv.

Lviv (Ukraine): Lviv’s gratitude for ambulances from Denmark

“Ambulances from one of the best European manufacturers, equipped with resuscitation devices, air conditioning, as well as pneumatic systems of stretchers and seats of the crew accompanying the patient will soon be in service in Kharkiv.

Medicines are being distributed between hospitals in settlements where hostilities continue”, said employees of the Lviv Regional Centre for Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine, stressing that everyone in their place must do everything possible to stop the enemy.

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