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All you need to know about ambulances, fast medical response cars, and emergency vehicles. News, preparations, equipment, characteristics, problems, warts and benefits of EMS cars and trucks.

Paramedics facing terror attacks

Paramedics really are always in danger when they are out with the ambulance. Violence episodes are common and unfortunately, frequent. The setting of this case study is in Israel. The characters of this real experience are paramedics and…

Why are you a paramedic?

Ambulance professionals are not only there for a vocation. It's a job, and it requires effort and skills to be performed. As paramedics, also EMTs, nurses and instructors have hard paths to provide correct care.

How to test a lunar rescue stretcher?

Two weeks ago, a new device for the rescue of astronauts has been tested underwater. The ESA's Lunar Evacuation System Assembly (LESA) is designed to be deployed by a single astronaut in lunar gravity to rescue an incapacitated crewmate.…