Germany, ambulance drivers: nationwide study on ambulance driver training

In Germany, a consortium consisting of the German Road Safety Council (DVR), the Würzburg Institute for Traffic Science (WIVW), the Centre for Applied Emergency Science (ZaNowi) and the German Society for Emergency Science (DGNOW) is currently conducting an online survey on the training of emergency drivers in blue light organisations

Germany, participants are asked about their experience of emergency missions and how they are integrated into their organisational framework

The study also aims to ascertain how emergency drivers from various organisations and authorities are prepared for their demanding job.

The question is which training and further training courses are offered and used and what optimisation potential is seen in this regard for the future.

The accompanying study also aims to determine the training and further training opportunities for emergency drivers.

Because apart from a driver’s licence from the competent authority according to § 2 StVG, there are no uniform requirements for this, but only different curricula or framework curricula of the respective job descriptions, as well as education and training obligations in the work equipment, which can be derived from occupational safety regulations.

Read the questionnaire page for German rescue drivers

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