Fotokite at the service of firefighters and security: the drone system is in Emergency Expo

We welcome Fotokite, the company that makes drones for rescue teams, fire brigades and public safety, to Emergency Expo

Fotokite Sigma, the Fotokite branded robot system, lands, with our pleasure, on Emergency Expo, the 3D virtual trade fair by Roberts, dedicated to Emergency

Founded in 2014, Fotokite, a Swiss company with offices in Zurich, Syracuse and Boulder, designs and manufactures drones designed to help first aid teams in managing critical and complex situations.

With the Fotokite drone system, it is possible to display full thermal images in real time, even in low light conditions, without the need for any experience in piloting robots.

This allows fire and rescue teams to make critical decisions quickly and effectively.

When the emergency response vehicle arrives at the scene, the Fotokite drone is immediately deployed up to a height of 45 metres (150 feet) and within a minute an overview of the emergency situation can be obtained via thermal images.

In this way, depending on the severity of the situation, critical decisions can be made immediately.

Furthermore, as the Fotokite drone continues to fly, the live video can be streamed remotely to the control centre or anywhere else in the world via the optional remote video streaming.


Fire brigades equipped with an active drone system use Fotokite Sigma as a complementary tool

Unlike traditional drones, it can be flown even in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, wind), providing an immediate overview of the situation.

In firefighting teams, on the other hand, without drones, the Sigma system helps team resources by flying, launching and landing at the push of a button.

By virtue of the UAS – unmanned aerial system – the Fotokite Sigma system is able to fly autonomously for 24 hours without any active piloting, allowing rescuers to focus entirely on their mission.

Ease of use, coupled with reliability and fast set-up times, allow access to safe aerial views in seconds.

Offered in three different configurations, Rooftop Box, Transport Case and Vehicle-Integrated, Fotokite Sigma is an industrial grade system with IP55 protection consisting of the ground station and kite.

The Rooftop Box configuration, allowing high situational awareness immediately and completely hands-free, is Fotokite’s flagship configuration.

Designed for integration into SUV and heavy vehicle classes, it deploys at the push of a button.

Fotokite Sigma is authorised and recognised by aviation authorities as a safer alternative to traditional tethered drones and free-flying public safety drone systems.

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