Icelandic Search and Rescue Association launches its first boat, a Kewatec Serecraft SAR 17

Kewatec: a year ago, an agreement was signed with the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association (ICE-SAR, Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg) on three deliveries of Search- and Rescue boats

Kewatec: the first of the boats has been launched for testing

The boats are about 17-meter long, fast, self-righting Kewatec Serecraft SAR 17 model Search- and Rescue boats.

Their construction started in Kokkola at the end of October last year, the first of which will be delivered at the end of the summer.

Jesper Häggblom, Project Manager at the Kewatec shipyard

“The project has advanced well thanks to diligent employees.

The launch was a success despite the traffic jam with several boats at the dock this summer.

Next, it is intense and exciting tests that apply.”

Search and Rescue Association Slysavarnafélagið Landsbjörg, ICE-SAR is a national association of rescue units and accident prevention divisions.

Its member organizations include 99 rescue units, 70 accident prevention units, women’s sections, and 50 youth units.

The association has a total of approximately 10,000 volunteers and operates in most Icelandic cities.

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