MERET Emergency Backpacks, Spencer's catalogue is enriched with further excellence

Spencer completes the wide range of Emergency backpacks by choosing Meret, the favorite brand of American rescuers

Meret is one of  the  most successful brands in the production of bags and backpacks for rescue professionals.


In fact, thanks to their innovative design, the quality of the materials used, the modularity and the division into compartments, Meret products make intervention operations much easier and faster.

The rescuers know it well, to the point that  Spencer, always at their side, has decided to add  several novelties of the American brand to its catalog 

Let’s see specifically the advantages of the Meret collection for rescuers.

First of all, the production of the articles complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, COC, FDA standards.

In addition, the double seams in the stress points, the solid and rigid handles, the wear-resistant YKK hinges  and its high-quality finishes  offer rescue operators high reliability at critical moments.

Not for nothing, Meret’s professional backpacks and bags come with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing or functional defects.

Other important details are the matted metal finishes, the resistance on all joint points, the quality controls carried out periodically on 100% of the products and the large and customizable hinges and extractors.

Spencer distribute MERET backpacks

The MERET collection available at Spencer meets many needs: it can be configured for different rescue scenarios

The system of internal dividers can in fact be easily modified to accommodate material of different sizes.

Internal pockets and compartments can be expanded or reduced by repositioning Velcro retaining straps, which expands rescue supplies.

Most MERET backpacks can be carried over the shoulder or as a bag using durable handles, allowing the rescuer to customize their use according to the type of emergency.

In addition, efficiency in the organization of rescue equipment means faster response times.

MERET is in the Spencer's catalog

Here are the MERET products available from the Spencer catalog:


Let’s see specifically their characteristics.

The first, as well as RECOVER™ PRO X, is the Professional Cylinder Holder Rescue Bag

The latter is ideal for quickly and effectively carrying out ventilation procedures with the oxygen cylinder.

Made of durable and easily sanitizable materials, the RECOVER™ PRO X can incorporate interchangeable bag modules from the READY line.

This allows the rescuer to face the most varied types of intervention, always guaranteeing superior performance, safety and handling.

To find out more about the RECOVER™ PRO X cylinder bag, click here.

Next we find the V.E.R.S.A™ PRO X, the Versatile Emergency Response System Assist Professional 

It is counted among the most performing and functional advanced professional rescue backpacks on the market.

Built internally and externally with non-absorbent and sanitizable materials, V.E.R.S.A.™ PRO X is specifically designed to facilitate the cleaning and removal of blood-borne pathogens.

The goal is to offer a customizable backpack, reconfigurable with additional internal and external modules.

Its internal dividers are adjustable and allow the transport of an M9. oxygen cylinder V.E.R.S.A.™.

The design and functionality of V.E.R.S.A.™ PRO X ensure rapid intervention and very high wear resistance.

Learn more about this article here.

Let’s move on to the OMNI™ PRO X, the modular BLS™/ALS Professional Bag, which can also be used as a backpack

Designed for BLS/ALS interventions, the OMNI™ PRO X has a modular structure, a compact design, customization of the internal compartments and a proven impact resistance.

These features make it the ideal support to operate quickly and in maximum safety.

In addition, OMNI™ PRO X is built internally and externally with non-absorbent and sanitizable materials: this favors the cleaning and removal of blood-borne pathogens.

The possibility of integrating TS2-READY™ first aid modules on the sides of the bag offers the rescuer greater efficiency in dealing with different types of intervention (find out more here).

Then we have, I.V.S.S. PRO X IV, the Roll-Out Bag for Intubation

I.V.S.S. PRO X is the most compact, versatile and organized solution to transport and distribute intravenous solutions and supplies, ensuring complete protection from pathogens and infections.

The accordion roll-out system of the bag allows fixing inside a wide variety of specialvehicles and helicopters.

In addition, the large pockets with front access offer the rescuer quick intervention at the most critical moments.

Within the Spencer catalog, there is also a hands-free baby carrier, called FIRST-IN PRO X The FIRST-IN™ PRO X

Can also be used as a shoulder strap, the FIRST-IN PRO X The FIRST-IN™ PRO X offers a versatile and lightweight solution.

The baby carrier, in fact, is able to carry and organize all the basic equipment and protective equipment to meet the immediate needs of patients until further assistance arrives.

Made internally and externally with stain-resistant and non-absorbent materials, it is very easy to clean and sanitize.

Let’s move on to the EFAK™ PRO X Multifunctional First Aid Bag

Convenient and multifunctional first aid kit, EFAK™ PRO X has been designed to speed up the administration time of first aid devices.

Despite its compact size, the EFAK™ PRO has numerous pockets, can take different configurations and allows you to keep your hands free during transport.

In addition to the Multifunctional Bag, there is also AIRWAY™ PRO X, the Tripartite Bag for Incubation Sets

AIRWAY™ PRO X is a bag with three internal compartments that ensures optimal organization of the intubation material.

It is a module that can be attached to any Meret bag and backpack with TS2 Ready™ system.

Finally, we have XTRA FILL™ PRO X, which can also be attached to any bag and Meret backpack with TS2 Ready™ system

XTRA FILL™ PRO X can be used as a shoulder bag or attached to the belt.

It consists of a large pocket and two smaller and more transparent pockets, one of which is suitable for housing the defibrillator.

MERET is a collection proposed by Spencer versatile, resistant and suitable for all emergency conditions

Made for professionals who perform emergency interventions every day, the products come with a lifetime warranty and are effective even in complex rescue operations.

To find out more about the MERET collection or to request a quote, click here.

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