Saving lives despite the war: how the ambulance system works in Kiev (VIDEO)

Ambulances in Kiev: despite the war, rescuers continue to save lives. Ukrainian ambulance operators faced new challenges this month, both in areas of active hostilities and in peaceful cities

On average, around half a thousand ambulance calls are received in Kiev every day

According to emergency specialist Valery Turi, the specific demands have changed during the war.

With the start of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Valery has not stopped working.

She provides assistance to residents after the bombings and works closely with the military.

“Well, let’s say that these injuries are different from peacetime injuries, but they are still injuries.

Rescuers know that during arterial bleeding a tourniquet must be applied, just as it was in peacetime.

We cooperate.

We understand each other, so if we are asked something, we do it.

We understand very well what time we work,” said the emergency room specialist.

Before the war, Kiev received an average of 2,000 ambulance calls a day

Currently, the drop is due to the evacuation of the population, as well as the fact that residents have now become more serious about the work of doctors.

“The awareness of our citizens has increased.

The number of non-essential calls has significantly decreased, for that we are grateful to our citizens.

The emergency load has tripled.

But every call is very dangerous, given the circumstances in Kiev.

Therefore, the work is very difficult,” he said.

Volodymyr Tyshchenko, Director of the Kiev Emergency Medical Centre.

Kiev: during the full-scale war, four employees of the capital’s ambulance service were injured

Despite this, the number of crews in the city has not changed – 170 are on duty during the day, 145 – at night.

Thanks to their work, the residents of Kiev receive timely and quality care.

Ambulances in Kiev, watch Kanaldom TV’s interview with rescuers from Ukraine:

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