Ukraine, Spain delivered 23 ambulances and SUVs to Ukrainian border guards

Spain’s generosity led to the purchase of 23 medical cars, ambulances and all-terrain vehicles for the border guards of the western regional department of the state border service, the head of the Lviv regional military administration Maksym Kozytsky reported on Facebook

Donation from Spain to Ukraine: ‘All the cars will go to the front line. They were delivered as part of the #1000_avtomobiliv_svobody project

The cars are equipped with equipment to resuscitate the wounded, as well as medicines and other important loads.

Thanks to the Spaniards who infiltrated Ukraine and donated funds to buy the aid, and to the volunteers who coordinated all the work and brought the cars.

We expected to receive 21 cars and they bought two more on the way, in Italy and France.

The philanthropists have already delivered 21 ambulances for our border guards, they have taken in 21 injured people for treatment.

We are grateful to Spain for helping Ukrainians who were forced to become refugees due to Russian military aggression.

This country has taken in more than 125,000 of our people for temporary residence.

We also thank you for supporting Ukraine on its path to the EU.

Also, respect for the employees of the Western Regional Department of the Ukrainian-Western Border Service and all border guards who have been guarding our borders since 24 February, and some of them are carrying out combat duties at the front.

Let this transport and equipment reliably serve our defenders, simplify their work, save lives and bring us closer to victory”.

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