Georgia, when the terrain is complex the answer is simple: Piaggio MP3

The nation of Georgia has an imposing and articulated geographical conformation, which forces the rescue world to respond directly and effectively

Being a rescuer in Georgia: the Caucasus and the Black Sea ‘lords’ of a majestic landscape

Mother Nature has been particularly kind to Georgia: located to the south of Russia, the country’s territory is characterised on the one hand by the coastal nature of the more than 300 kilometres bordering the Black Sea, and on the other by the mountainous conformation determined by the Caucasus chain.

A demanding challenge, for those who have made Emergency and Rescue their vocation, and which has found a natural response in Piaggio’s MP3.

It is in fact the MP3, outfitted as a motor-medicine, the solution identified by the Ministry of Health to reach the most inaccessible and complex places for emergency operations.


Georgia, Paramedics’ training at the heart of the new procedure’s success

But of course it was not enough for the Ministry to purchase 41 MP3 500 E5 Life Support motorcycles between 2021 and 2022.

On the contrary, that was only the beginning of a thorough and complex training programme, which saw Georgian paramedics being trained specifically for emergency cases that could be resolved with the motorised medical device.

The MP3 Life Support programme was first launched in August in Batumi, and then expanded to the capital Tbilisi.

At the end of this four-month training course, a Moto Medic licence is issued: with this qualification, Georgian paramedics can intervene in serious cardiac, pulmonary, trauma or anaphylactic emergencies with precision and timeliness, thanks to the speed, safety and carrying capacity of their Piaggio MP3s.

An initiative that has found wide acceptance among Georgian paramedics: 117 of them are in training, and six have already passed the course for driving two or three-wheeled vehicles, obtaining a Moto Medic licence.

The Georgian Government’s declared objective is to cover all regions of the country in the medium term by training one hundred paramedics per year.

This is a considerable support for the National Emergency Department, which, as in the rest of the world, is under great stress at certain times, reaching up to 3500 calls in 24 hours.

When they involve interventions in inaccessible areas, because they are rural or because they are in the historical heart of ancient cities like Tiblisi, a lean and fast vehicle and trained and responsive paramedics are a winning combination.

Georgia and Italy, closer than you might imagine

The solution found in Georgia is absolutely comparable to the rescue needs in Italy.

Certainly with reference to the coastal areas of the Black Sea, if we consider that Italy has no less than 8,300 km of coastline.

And of course taking into consideration historical centres, such as the one in Tbilisi, which has similar characteristics and requires the same attention as Italian historical centres.

But also in relation to the Caucasian chain: those who have to intervene in emergencies in the many towns on our Apennine ridge and in our Alps know how crucial it is to traverse steep and impervious stretches quickly and effectively.

In this sense, the Piaggio MP3 represents a top solution to the problems in question.

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