Ambulance outfitting: Mobitecno, manufacturer of medical vehicles, joins the Focaccia Group

During the important supply to the Local Health Authorities of Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce, Focaccia Group accelerates the growth process of the Medical Vehicle Division by immediately offering a complete range of dedicated products and services, thanks to Mobitecno’s decades of know-how

Mobitecno, the merger process will take place over time but the integration into the Focaccia Group has already begun a few months ago

“We add 20 years of experience and first-class skills to the Focaccia Group’s cultural baggage, and if we think in terms of commercial diversification, we become more and more functional to market evolutions,” Riccardo Focaccia, the group’s CEO, reported in a note.

Mobitecno srl will operate in the plants of Strada Orbassano in Beinasco and will give continuity, with all the personnel in force, to the existing operations and the commitments made with customers and suppliers.

“The production and commercial synergies are many and the growth opportunities very stimulating.

The first multidisciplinary Italian Group is born, and for Mobitecno being part of this reality is a guarantee of a bright future,” commented Dr. Enrico Fossati, founder and partner of Mobitecno srl.

Founded in 1954, Focaccia Group is today the automotive market leader in the fitting out of vehicles for the transport of persons with disabilities and in that of vehicles for the Police Force. It also designs and manufactures homologated fitting components and conversion kits, offers homologation services and management IT services.

Mobitecno is one of Italy’s leading brands in the medical, ambulance and medical vehicle fitting market

It designs and manufactures a complete range of outfittings and has been present on both the Italian and international markets for over 20 years.

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