The Gambia, strategic partnership with the Ministry of Health for the use of drones

The Gambia: ARDA International Cooperation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Medical Research Council and the Gambia Red Cross Society, convened a meeting with stakeholders to discuss the introduction of medical drone delivery service in the country

The discussion also involved other stakeholders such as the Ministry of Interior, Defence, The Gambian Armed Forces and the State Intelligence Service (SIS), among others, to consider the applicability of this service in The Gambia in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner.


In The Gambia, drones will ensure the timely delivery of medical supplies to the nearest hospitals

This service will follow a five-week trial to see if the system can work or be sustained effectively in The Gambia.

It seeks to enable The Gambia to unlock the impact of drones for medical delivery as the most affordable, scalable and secure solution for drone logistics.

The meeting addresses the purpose and goal of the programme that seeks to pave the way for the transformation of The Gambia’s public health supply chain and will have a far-reaching impact.

Alasan Senghore, secretary general of the Gambia Red Cross Society, said ARDA deserves commendation for the initiative and “is putting The Gambia at the forefront of technology”.

“We often lag behind because we think it is very complicated and not possible; but with collaboration it is possible to bring together the comparative advantages of institutions.”

Shubh Malde, founder and CEO of ARDA, said they are bringing a medical drone to The Gambia for the first time in 2021

He added that they intend to implement a programme that will harness the full potential of medical drones in the public health sector.

“Drones are a new technology and we intend to enable Gambians to use the drone and we want them to be accessible,” he said.

Sulayman Mboge of Radville Farm, said Shubh and Jan’s love for The Gambia inspired them to bring drones to the country with the idea of providing medical services.

He hailed the Ministries of Health and Home Affairs for the opportunity and collaboration.

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